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How to Attach Files to Send on Yahoo?
over 4 years ago
Yahoo allows you to attach files from your system to your emails. Moreover, it expands on that standard with an additional option to send directly from Dropbox or Flickr. Users preserve the file’s formatting by attaching a document instead of writing text in an email’s body. Like all email services, use pictures, the document like a resume, audio, video, GIF, or PDF to share with your contacts. Instead of letting everyone see them (posting on new feed), you can share the attached file between you and your recipient only. Yahoo Support would like to inform you that if the attachment you are sending is exceeding 20 MB in size, you can send it easily using a ‘Drop-box link’; this is specially offered by Yahoo for its users so that no inconvenience is faced. So, follow the below-provided steps carefully to learn to attach or insert items:

Attach files, photos, GIFs to a message:

  1. Sign in to your account using correct credentials.
  2. Go to Compose and click the Attach icon (paperclip) in the toolbar.
  3. Find and click all files you wish to send in your browser’s file selector dialog box.
  • Select multiple files in one dialog box or use the Attach icon repeatedly to send more than one file.

4.Click Choose or Open.

Attach files from the cloud, recent emails, or GIFs from internet;

  1. Repeat first two steps from the above-mentioned process.
  2. Choose the type of file to insert into your message:

    • Add Photos from recent messages
    • Share files from cloud providers
    • Insert animated GIFs
  3. In the right column search for items.
  4. Select the item to be inserted

Insert Files from Dropbox:

  1. Click the downward pointed arrow beside the Attach icon in the message toolbar.
  2. From the menu click Select from Dropbox. Sign n to Dropbox on the sign-on page if not signed in.
  3. Find and highlight the items you wish to send.
  4. Hit the Choose or Open button.
  • Items from Dropbox will not be inserted directly; instead, the recipient will get a link to download it from Dropbox.

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